Gen 2 Arbok (NU) [QC 0/2]

Sevi 7

Arbok is one of two bulky Poison-type Pokemon that can check Fighting and Poison-types and stop set-up with Haze. Arbok's direct competition, Weezing, is bulkier and can explode, which sometimes leaves Arbok overlooked. However, Arbok has better speed, access to Earthquake and can spread paralysis much more reliably thanks to Glare, making it a better choice than Weezing on many different teams. Arbok also can run a Curse set and can even sweep opponents. So, don't underestimate Arbok, because you'll find that this snake's bite is deadly.

name: Support Tank
move 1: Sludge Bomb
move 2: Earthquake
move 3: Haze/Glare/Thief
move 4: Rest/Glare/Thief
item: Leftovers/No Item

This is Arbok's best support set. Sludge Bomb is the STAB attacking move, which also has a 30% chance to poison. Earthquake is Arbok's coverage move, which lets it check other Poison-types, Rock-types and Electric-type Pokemon. Without Earthquake, Arbok is also unable to damage Magenmite. Haze is ran to prevent the opponent from setting-up; however, if you have another means of stopping set-up, Glare is an excellent move that severely cripples Arbok's common switch-ins, such as Xatu. Rest is the main choice for the fourth move, because it lets Arbok take full advantage of it's bulk and surprisingly useful typing. However, Glare can be ran over Rest on more offensive teams that don't care about utilizing Arbok's bulk as much. Finally, Thief can replace either of the non-damage attacks. Thief can severely cripple RestTalk users, many of whom check Arbok. Xatu, Kingler and Wigglytuff are all such examples.

name: Curse
move 1: Curse
move 2: Glare
move 3: Sludge Bomb
move 4: Earthquake
item: Leftovers

Arbok can also take on a more offensive role with Curse. Sludge Bomb has decent coverage with few resits, especially in the late-game. After a single Curse, Arbok 2HKOes Primeape, Rapidash and Stantler, and after 2 Curses, Arbok 2HKOes Dugtrio. Meanwhile, the additional Defense stops any of them from 2HKOing in return. All of these Pokemon can be used as late-game sweepers, so by holding Arbok in the back more than the support set, Arbok can stop their sweep and possibly sweep itself. Glare is a great support option and carves this set's niche. Even at -2 Speed, Arbok still outspeeds a paralyzed Dugtrio, who is the fastest Pokemon in the tier. Sludge Bomb is the choice STAB move with decent damage and inflicting poison 30% of the time. Finally, Earthquake prevents Arbok from being walled by Rock-types, Poison-types with Haze and Magnemite, the latter being completely immune to Poison-type attacks.

Rest and Sleep Talk can be used for a RestTalk set, thanks to Arbok's decent bulk, and good coverage with STAB Sludge Bomb and Earthquake. Glare or Curse could also work with RestTalk; however, mono Poison-type coverage can be walled, even with Curse boosts. Body Slam can be ran over Glare to damage while trying to paralyze. Body Slam also benefits from Curse boosts, but even at +2 Body Slam doesn't do significant damage. Also, Body Slam has less than half the chance to paralyze than Glare. Screech can be used to help wallbreak more bulky adversaries, and unlike Curse, Screech will not lower Arbok's Speed. Furthermore, Screech can lower the Defense of a Pokemon using Curse faster than Curse can boost Defense. Curse and Screech can also be used together. The immediate -2 Defense allows Arbok to OHKO a significant part of the metagame after a single Curse. Just keep in mind that Arbok will most likely be taking two attacks and the opponent can just switch out of the debuff. Forcing switches does have its benefits, so this isn't necessarily a negative. Swagger can work with Glare to make it much harder for Arbok to take a hit. Giga Drain helps Arbok check Kingler, Graveler, Rhyhorn and Omanyte, but it is worse or is as good as Arbok's other options in pretty much every other match up. Toxic can be used for more stall-oriented teams, in which that case Substitute or Protect could also be useful.

Xatu is the best check for Arbok. Psychic 2HKOs Arbok, while Sludge Bomb only 3HKOs Xatu back. Glare isn't that effective, because Rest can get rid of the paralysis and any damage Xatu took, while Sleep Talk allows Xatu to remain a threat while asleep. Xatu's Haze can also stop Curse Arbok from sweeping. Dugtrio is the next best check, as it outspeeds Arbok and 2HKOs with STAB Earthquake. However, Substitute Dugtrio doesn't want to get poisoned by Sludge Bomb, and no Dugtrio wants to be Glared. Kingler is another good check. An unboosted Sludge Bomb 4HKOs Kingler only about half the time while Kingler's +2 Hidden Power Ground always 2HKOs Arbok. Kingler can also run Haze to remove any Curse boosts that Arbok may have. Rock-types, especially those with RestTalk, aren't afraid of Sludge Bomb or Glare. Pupitar or Sudowoodo are excellent choices for Rest Talkers, and Graveller can be effective as well. However, Giga Drain does 2HKO Graveller.

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